Condé Nast Takes a Stand…

Condé Nast/Vogue has  joined forces with the Fashion Council to enforce a new, groundbreaking guideline: That it is unacceptable to hire models under the age of 16 and that it is unacceptable to hire models who are not “healthy” looking. It will be curious to see how the fashion industry does or does not follow through since what it does best is promote “younger  and thinner.” Now they are attempting to change that?  Interesting. Are we going to start seeing ” fuller” models? Models that are more “mature?” Time will tell…I would love to see more integrity when it comes to advertising—mascara companies that promote fuller longer lashes without using false lashes/CGI to represent their product, size 14-16 models representing size 14-16  retail ware instead of 8-10 models representing full figure garments. Wouldn’t that be something?

Maybe the industry is feeling the heat and wants to beat the public’s opinion since  social media is powerfully influencing all corners of the world; politically, socially, and economically. It’s good to be held accountable and I applaud the industry for being courageous and taking a stand.

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